Bowie, Rocktopia, Nature Cat and Donning the ''Producer Hat''

While I've been quite active on Twitter and Facebook over the past several years, I was recently reminded that I hadn't been sending out a proper newsletter-- or even updating my personal "news page" on a regular basis. I think I've grown so used to receiving and sending information instantly within the social-media environment that I've missed-the-mark on updating solid content on my own site. So, without further ado-- there are a few new things that I want to make public... (especially if you aren't following me on social media-- which you should be because you're missing out on give-aways, time-sensitive announcements, and personal updates).

First off, I'm involved with a project that I've been working on over the past 3 years. It's something that is very cool, very fresh and very needed in the world of entertainment within the "symphony space" venues. The project is called "Rocktopia"-- and you can find out details at: In summary, Rocktopia is a live concert event featuring a 5-piece rock band, a 63-piece orchestra, gospel choir and 5 vocalists-- combining full-on rock tracks (from bands like Muse, U2, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin and more) intertwining them with some of the most iconic classical music pieces from composers like Rachmaninoff, Mozart and Puccini. The combination is absolutely killer. "Epic" is a good word when describing this live experience. After several years of working on this project, we are set to film a national PBS Special from Budapest, Hungary on June 30th. (A tour is slated to follow in 2017.) So, if you're in Europe and want to be part of the premiere performance and filming of Rocktopia, you can find details on Facebook or Rocktopia's site here

Secondly, I'm proud to be part of another project that has only been in development over the past few months. This live concert event exclusively focuses on the music of the late David Bowie. I will be joining a very talented group of musicians and brilliant symphony orchestras all over the US and Canada, to showcase the creative and innovative brilliance of Bowie's style, songs and iconic persona. We will be presenting his music like never before-- full-on orchestral arrangements centered around a core rock band. It's not to be missed-- especially if you adore David's music as much as I do. To find out if we'll be visiting a city near you, head over to: shows. (Our premiere concert is June 3rd in Atlanta, GA-- Butkeep in mind that more shows are being added all the time, so check back frequently.)

Over the past year I've had the opportunity to work with Bill Sherman (the insanely talented record producer of the biggest show in Broadway history-- Hamilton) on a cool PBS Kid's show called Nature Cat.
I, along with Tony Award Winner Lena Hall, are the two voices of a rock-band of dogs called "The Dog Gone Band". (Cheeky, eh?) Each episode includes a music video of the characters' "favorite band"-- The Dog Gone Band-- doing their own thing within each episode's story line. It's been a great deal of fun, and, it looks like we'll be renewed for another season, as the show has received serious Emmy nods. So tune in-- especially if you have young ones at home.

In closing, I'm also making a choice to take off the "exclusive artist hat" and expand my world by donning the new hat of artist/engineer/producer. For quite some time I've had the desire to work with new artists and bands, and put my 20+ years of recording and producing behind new talent who may be presently under the radar and/or who have something specific to say, sing or create in a new and fresh way. My soon-to-be-completed New York City studio (SoundShop 370-- vs2.0) has been designed specifically to help grow the next generation of talent-- providing a great space for the next "voice", the next "it" artist or undeniable hit band. If you believe you have the talent or know someone who does and has his or her sights set on a career in music-- or simply wants to make a record for their own purposes-- EVEN if you don't live in NYC-- drop me an email at:

That's what's happening now and I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate.

Thanks to all of you who have been following me on Twitter and Facebook and for your encouraging and generous comments. Hope to see you out on the road very soon!