Black Rooster Audio

Audio Technologies

Black Rooster Audio is a software company based in Germany that brings you premium quality audio plugins for your digital audio workstation. They create state-of-the-art audio software and support everyday recording, mixing or mastering processes by providing highly creative and great sounding tools.



Audio Technologies

iZotope makes innovative products that inspire and enable people to be creative. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, iZotope has spent over a decade developing award-winning products and audio technologies for professionals and hobbyists alike. Used by millions of people in over 50 countries, iZotope products are a core component of GRAMMY-winning music studios, Oscar and Emmy-winning film and TV post production studios, and prominent radio studios, as well as basement and bedroom studios across the globe.



Audio Effects

PSP develops high quality audio effect and processor plug-ins. Our products garner rave reviews and endorsements from every corner of the music production, engineering, composition, and post-production worlds.  Ourplug-ins have become staples in professional and home studios worldwide.  Our credo explains our simple philosophy: It's The Sound That Counts!

Slate Digital

Audio Technologies

Slate Digital provides digital software and hardware solutions to the entertainment industry. In business since 2008, they strive to produce innovative products of exceptional quality.



Virtual Instrument & Sample Library Developers

Soundiron is a premium developer of virtual instruments and sample libraries for songwriters, composers and sound designers. We are a team of committed creators, programmers, engineers, artists, composers, instrumentalists, writers, videographers, customer support gurus, beta testers and developers passionate about building beautiful-sounding instrument plugins that are inspiring to play.


Wave Alchemy

Sound Designers

Over the years Steve Heath and Dan Byers have tirelessly worked on innovative, high quality sample libraries that have gained significant praise from industry magazines, established producers and audio professionals as well as the industry’s leading DAW manufacturers.Today you will find Wave Alchemy’s sonic signature in many shapes and forms, from sample packs to DAW preset patches through to heavily multi-sampled virtual instruments for Kontakt.



Digital Audio Processing

Located in Hannover, Germany, Zynaptiq creates technology and applications for processing, analyzing, categorizing and generating audio-visual data. We utilize state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and signal processing techniques, and draw on a combined 40-year background in professional software development and audio production. Zynaptiq was founded by Denis H. Goekdag (CEO) and Stephan M. Bernsee (CTO) in 2011.